Somehow i understanded in my short live life that you cannot became rich from live poker in "your small" town...small places where you want to practice your ability reading skill. I used to be a poker player in my college, but after that ( when i finished all the years of school ) i tryed to become a regular poker player. A lot of other things - at 25 year ages - comes into your life and don't let you make your game like you wanted in teory! Just wanted to become a famous poker player, but also wanted do not use the bankroll for other stuffs like paying bill, food, buy things, spend time with friends etc. That became frustrating because i usually..have most of the time the money needed... BUT when i came back in my laptop front i was said to see my cashier again 80-150$...and prepaire to do the same thing that i did it last month (grow it to 700+ $).

I changed everything, after all: i'm a doctor vets! So, into the next time i just worked like i wanted:9 hours /day to do my job and 2/3 days playing poker (or daily if i could ) 4-5 hours like a recreational player (but with much more lessons than him ). Now it's great! I have some $ from work for my "obligations" and all the money from poker i do what i want with them.

So, back to the title ... few weeks ago, new poker place in town was opened. It's a great one with affiliate into a lot of big live rooms from Europe - like King's Casino, GPT places, PokerFest etc. - and there frequently the cash tables a lot of football players. They are young enought, they are groos paid by doing this sport, and after all the football team from my town is places in the first 3 from the country. SO there the money comes....

More and more of them comes to poker to have "just fun". You know really good that they are not intended to study more so they just use the instinct or practice...and some things learned from the others. IT'S NOT ENOUGHT! After all, just think that they becomes a mine of gold for the regulars (or semi-regulars ).

And now comes the most important thing about them!

They use the abilities from the football into the poker table and try to score how much they can! I've learned to fret them as much as i could to extract the best profit. Like said Negreanu, there are some secrets, but the first things you must know are bellow:

1. if you are going to play some cash with the football gamblers, go with more money than usually;

2. locate the football gamblers into the tables;

3. sit in just after him or the place after the next one ( because they use to improve action);

4. at the table you must know what is his position in his fotball team:

a) a defender plays most of the time tight-agg or tight

b) a midfielder always try to be in equilibrium - short stack or bigger because lamentable to play good;

c) the attacker it become really aggresive - even more than Ronaldo , it can become loose-agg or after tilt a calling station. So, be so close of him to not stend a lot of money for seeing some flops.

They spend a lot of money at mises like 1/2$ or 2/5$ (most of the times i saw rebuys with 250-300bb) , because most of the time aren't bigger tables to let him to be in equity winrate.


Do the right thing to use the job of others players!

If he is a regular poker player stay away from him as much as you can!