So ive listened to advice on my last post and just played some full ring STT, 4 games. i made 3rd in 1, get my AA done over by 44 in another. I get my JJ beat by A9o in the 3rd game and get beat by (to be honest) by my own bad play in the 4th.

So i guess im wondering whether the algrythms are totally fair or just having bad luck...... I was playing a live casino game about 2months ago, were on the final table bubble (it only pays FT, top 10) and im chip leader. Some mid stack guy shoves pre-flop 3 times in a row, pretty obvious hes shoving light (no one is playing, they all want to cash, right? and 3 TIMES IN A ROW!!). Anyway, he shoves for a fourth time and i snap call(last to act in the BB, less than half my stack) with A7o, he shows J10 and i take it down and him out. Final table was a doddle (massive chip leader) and i win tournie for £600+. 

Heres my point, if i tried that online i would probably lose that hand and not win the tournament....

Comments very welcome