So after a fairly disappointing 2012 in terms of progress I tried to really overhaul my game and sort out any leaks I could find. It seemed like I was having far too many troubles in single raised and 3b pots out of position with the initiative.

Now I realise this is a pretty tricky situation at the best of times, but knowing when to give up in these types of confrontations when I missed was costing me WAY too much. The default is obviously to cbet (board dependent) to try and end the hand early and take it down, in addition disguising the times when you do have a made hand. However the majority of players you seem to encounter at these stakes are normally no Phil Ivey, so it becomes a risky business. I have seen (as I am sure you all have) some 30/15 odd player calling down 3 streets with you repping scare cards and betting the right boards with missed A high and owning your missed KQ. Frustrating isn’t the word.

So I started to watch a lot of the videos on here aimed at precisely the stakes I was playing. The much repeated (and fairly obvious) answer was to be much more prudent in your bluffs and semi bluffs as the opponents are basically massive fish. So bet when you have it, check when you dont. Simple right? Which is great, and it worked...for a while. Then it stopped, my red line plummeted and I was once again breaking even at best. It had another unfortunate effect too, I was now playing so few hands post flop that it was incredibly difficult to let go of the ones that had hit, even if my opponent was screaming strength. My blue line was dropping too!

Now obviously I had misinterpreted the advice a bit. Although your play should indeed be opponent specific, I had gone a bit too far and was now treating everyone like they were complete stations. I have now made an effort to find some sort of happy middle ground, trying to consider hand strength/board/opponent/betting patterns etc. It's not easy, but it wouldn’t be fun if it was now would it?