Hi all. The video which I reviewed is one of the very first video which i watched at pokerschool, It's the Chris Moneymaker $10 MTT Beginner Review - Part 1,2,3,4. I first watched  the series 1 year ago and do watch them again from times to times. And each time I watch the videos I learn something new. Personally these videos has really helped me to improve my game. 


Chris was great reviewing the hands, he was very clear in his explanation and didnt hesitate to critisize the hero where the need was and he would also tell us how he would have played the hand, thus giving the basic strategies. The only problem was that the hero was too tight and didn't play a lot of hands. 

As i said it improved my game and using the skills i learned from the videos, i went on to make some final tables in some micro MTT's. Unfortunately my biggest ennemy is my patience. I would often loose patience in the deeper stage of a tournament. But now i'm trying to work on my weaknesses. it's really difficult thought to sit down for 5-6 hours and to concentrate fully on the game. 

What can be more helpful than receiving tips from chris moneymaker, one of the greatest MTT players. I would recommend everyone who wants to be a successful MTT player to watch these videos. The true reason why I'm writting this blog is to complete the mission 2 of the million club. But it was a great experience. Maybe i'll write some more blogs in the future. 

Good luck everyone at the tables)