My name is Nitish. I'm from Mauritius. where's Mauritius? well it's a small island in the indian ocean. The 30/03 in my nick is my date of birth. yeah not a very creative nick. wish i could change it to something more original, but i can't create a new account coz i'll lose all my vpp's.

I started playing poker 5-6 yrs ago. i started on facebook zynga poker) then 2years ago moved on to pokerstars.was freerolling for 1,5 yrs. i did won some 5$ in freerolls once or twice but i would loose it right away in cash games. In january i diposited 30$ n started playing sng n move up n up to 90$.then i finished 3rd in a 1.10$ nl mtt n won 592$. now i'm zooming a lot n playing some micro stake mtts.  just moving up n down. I'm also playing in the premier league.

I'm still learning the game n PSO is helping me a lot.I'm always looking forward to watch new videos.. unfortunately i dont get to participate in the live training bcoz of the scheduling(