Hi to any and all to my first ever blog!


Yeah, you've seen them all before, so I'll try to withhold my excitement.

My name's Jamie. My life revolves around computers and anything IT. I play too many video games, and I play poker (home games and local tournaments) 2-3 times per week.

Seeing that I'm far from a pro, and I live in a small country town, the games I play in are small stakes. Home games range from a $2-5 buy in, and the local weekly tournament is $10.

Speaking of the weekly tournament, it started again just last night, and we had 14 players on 2 tables. Players are allowed a buy in after the first break (about 1 hour after start) equal to about 1/3 of the original buy in chips for $5. This gave 1st prize a comfortable looking $200, with $50 second.

I made it to the final table with less chips than I had hoped for, but still made it to the top 3. At this stage I had about 4k of chips, Player 2 had a huge stack (around 28k chips, blinds were 400/800), and Player 3 had only 400. Player 3 quickly left the table, leaving me with a slim hope of bringing home first.

I quickly took control of the game, forcing Player 2 to fold the majority of his hands. Not long after, I had taken the chip lead. However, he decides to go all in, which would leave me back to where I started if I lost. I can't remember the entire hand, I had J9s, but got beaten by a higher pair. I had to do all the hard work all over again.

As expected, I earnt my way back up, and Player 2 again went all in. I call with A6, he reveals K9.

Flop was very generous, giving A 2 K. Turn card revealed another A, and it was all over.

Yes, it was a long post, but I felt this was a good achievement for me. Originally being so far under, feeling like the underdog, but managing to take control of the game is something I wasn't sure if I could do.