I have been playing poker almost daily the last 4 months. Everyday Im learning something new or finding something new about myself and my temperament. Its been 4 months since I started reading the articles here at PokerSchool and have been applying them with some semi success.

This month of October I KNOW I have improved my game by 30% maybee more. I have seen improvements both in my ring games and MTT. My MTT game has improved alot since I started, according to the data from The Official Poker Rankings: I doubled my finishing later in tournaments, and doubled my ITM placements. Although I am still a "loosing" player my ROI for October is -3% compared with the previous 3 months with an average ROI of -30%! 

In full ring holdem games $0.02NL I have won back my losses ($60.00) from the previous 3 months and now I am up a dollar? :roll:  damit I'm experiencing a downswing and I keep calling people with only one pair at the turn and river...I know Im working on it, but It is a good feeling when what you are studying and applying is working.