Original Goal from early August: "my goal is to play  sit and go tournemanets at 1 dollar to 3.50 limits, I want to achieve 100 in the money games by the end of october so I get my S&G tournament rankings at mercury level..." http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/blogs/post/?id=15483&preview=true

I should hve been more clear and specific with my goal...Tony Robbins, I think we will have to meet up and talk again so I can relearn what you thaught me.

anyhows...since then I have played 161 S&G games buy in ranging from $1.00 - $3.50, I have placed in the money 28 times or 17%...so I have FAILED this goal, I didn't focus on it, or I was not very specific about the goal and was as I know now, unrealistic based on my limited "experiences and skills"

If I changed it to include any S&G and MTT tourneys it would be a different outcome.

Since then I have played 670 holdem tournaments, from 8 different buy ins mostly the 25 cents S&G, $1.00 and $2.00 MTTs and S&Gs. Within this sphere I have placed 13% in the $...or about 88 times...and still no closer to 100! so I guess I FAILED here as well.

Thank you learning experiences as expensive as you are you are making me better!