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Hrmm, the bubble burst ages ago...I got careless with my play, I thuaght I could catch a bluffer or a weak player. He limped 55 UTG1, so I raised with ATo MP (ish) just to see what would happen, i knew i was out of there if he reraised; Im thinking he would have a monster pair, so by tagging along im thinking he has AK or AQ, I didnt put him on an AA KK or JJ for some unknown reason, he was a loose player and had the biggest stack on the I assumed if he was like me he would play VERY loose and try to bully others, instead he was mining for a set, I myself have done this before, what a fool I am to be so greedy and over confident he would have nothing, I should have just bet half pot to see what would happen, if he reraised I was out of there, and if he bets on flop i was folding (maybee)....I think I was desperate for  chips, I only had about 12 revolutions left I think, I could have played safer, instead of finishing  the tournament in 2512th place. $25,oo win from a pool of 32k people; with a free ticket from a sattelite, the this is the first time ive competed in a $10.00 buy in so Im slightly happy, I learned a little more.

wait a minute....

wtf...that was such a risky move, on a wet board too, he could have suited connectors for a straight and flush draw, or AKs nut flush, or even trips 10s, or JJ, QQ, KK, AA....Aahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

what if he had a pair of 99 through 22, would he have gone all in with me? see, edgar u didnt have enough information to warrant this kind of silly play.

FU voice of reason! sigh, yeah but youre right though, a little more patience might have gotten you deeper in the tourny, must do that tourney deep and properly...maybee u should have loosened up in the first 4 levels? hrmm i might try that next time.