PokerStars Tournament #451562008, No Limit Hold'em
Super Satellite
Buy-In: 33 FPP
436 players
Total Prize Pool: 14388 FPP
Target Tournament #451549419
68 tickets to the target tournament

wow, Im so stoked...I didnt think turbo can be played with "skill",...but I must admit I got LUCKY early on, I went all in with AQ against KK  flopped top pair on flop.and later when I was down to 3 m won T8o against QJo and 55   hitting an 8 on the turn...and recieved very good cards out of seeing 77 flops I won 12 of them, played mostly Group 1 and 2 cards, and 1x from Group 5,6,7...ill be playing The super micro soon, I be playing tight.