Almost Bubble Boy Bad Beats to Ace on the river (surprise surprise) just a massage no happy ending.

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Lessons Learned

1. How many times has this happened now Edgar?, despite how big your Grade 1 nuts seem like at the time, there might be bigger nuts out there or a slowly shrivling then massively exploding like a cancer growth of the nuts at the end, which is what happened here, clearly.

2. You should have taken into consideration the stack size of the opponent and your placement in the money and beyond. You were an ants inch away from not finishing in the money; luckily, somebody else was the better bubble boy that day.

3. You knew the opponent might move his stack all in with AK for gambling purposes, instead of reraising his raise x4, you should have just called, KK is not the best hand in the world considering the opponent had you covered, be more carefull next time and pay attention to the details to further your placement deeper in the tourneys.


was it the right play?

he was a loose player, and had the biggest stack on the table and was consistently raising and stealing the blinds (but I dont think so, I probably steal more blinds if I were in his position)...?

was the play overly aggressive?, or was the risk to reward ratio appropriate for the circumstances? If I had won, that would put me in the greem m category....but at the risk of not placing in the money? hrmmm.... is it better to risk and die for that? or survive and try again?

NB. An "ants inch" is accurately equal to about  "1 or slightly less"