I have more experience now. 10 things to remember when playing poker.

1. Be carefull, dont risk entire stack if not the nuts better to win a little than loose all.

2. Play only within my bankroll limit, from today till the end of Sept, play strictly 1.00 S&G, and less than   2.00$ tourney.

3. Be more aware of tilt.

4. Plauy tighter in the early and middle phase of sit and go and tourney games.

5. If its too risky, it probably is.

6. Focus on one table ONLY from today till the end of September.

7. Categorise players into TAG, LAG, categories.

8. Learn the player betting patterns.

9. DO not pure bluff, semi bluff is okay but not for the entire stack unless warranted.

10. Put players on a hand.

11. Stop playing silly.

12. Its okay to fold a good hand even if I was bluffed, becuse next time I willo catch them with the nutzs.

13. Be more aware of ego play...focus on results instead.