Poker is an easy game to master, but to master myself and my impulses are even more difficult. Why do I do the things I do, knowing it will cause me pain in the future.

One day I am going to write a book fusing the psychological effects of self mastery by way of poker as a tool. 

My ROI according to some russian dude is -69%, as I found out as we traded poker banter randomly accross the table. I think he was using some sort of holdem HUD to get the ROI, but you can also get it from the official poker rankings website. 

I had a look at some poker HUDs, its not my thing, I like to feel my odds and outs, having the numbers up there destroys the essence of poker, in my opinion, but It might be good for those mathematically inclined.

So back to my ROI,  Im down roughly 80 US dollars in my first 2 months of real money play, not good, I am still working on myself and my game.