So with my last $3.40 SnG ticket I decided to go for a big one and enter a 27 player tourney. I was able to take it down and win the whole thing in 1st place for $30.In the beginng of the final table I took down this big pot, when I raised on the button with 23s and beat someones two pair with a flush. The player I beat on that hand went totally out of line and was insulting and disrespecting my play the whole time.
I was able to play with him all the way down to 3 handed. I found my spot and took him out with my AA vs. his JQ where he two paired the turn but the river paired the board that gave me higher two pair. Sweet Sweet Justice. One piece of advice I would give that helped me was when it became short handed is too play very aggressive and pick on other player's tightness. I raised on many buttons and was able to take down some important blinds.