hi every one  im asking my self why play anymore.  i go to poker school every day  to learn more about poker but it seems  to be for notting. because every day i play i just get beat  by bad calls and bad players.   i just cant understand some calls players makeor why they do it   example  if i have AA and the blinds are 200   400  i will raise 1000  200    ok then im called by one player  flop comes   k22   i raise he calls againturn comes   i re raise he calls  river is the same  i reraise he calls then he turnes over 72  im sick.   why call  a 1200   raise wit this dirt    what is annoying    is every day   this is going on now i love the game  but to me this is not poker   because there is no respect for the game or the player, now im askeing my self whgat is the point of playing the game i love sol much any more.  could some one please help me   bye for now