This is really weird.  However,  feel I have to share this!   as I am better than I thought!    Last weak I played in the 11cent (TCOOP) Qualifeir and I made it.  I really didn't  think I was good enough to play in ( as I would say) a high calibered tourny,  so I cashed out my 11.00 entry fee that I won.  Well today I got bored and threw in another 11 cents and to see if I could do it again.  And whamoo I did it again!! For some reason I think I am supposed to play in that tourny as I think the odds of Qualiffying for the  same tourny twice is not at all easy,  Atleast not for me!  If I didn't have the experience of the school,  I never would have made it  once little own twice!  I am better than I thought as I am starting to realize.   I find the key is patience to qualifying for that tourny as I played about 25 percent of my hands no matter what hole cards I had if I was out of position  fold as there is alot of fish and donks that will try and take your chips throu-out the re-buy period  and re-buying is not my thing.  If you have to re-buy it's not your day is the way I say!  the  add-ons are a different thing add-on when you can cause I will tell you EVERY CHIP COUNTS in this tourny!!!!  so good luck!!  I hope I helped the people out  that are having a hard time with this tourny as if you follow my suggestion and play catagory 6 7 8 hands in position you will make it  any out of position playing and your at risk of finding a fish or a donk.  So Play your  AA  KK AK or AQ carefully while out of position and you will do fine.   I hoped this Helped anyone who is having a tough time Qualifying for this tourny!!