Well I have beed playing for along time now and I am starting to see more and more donks!   I can actually pick them out in the tournys!  Here is how  if you raise and you are playing a normally slow player he moves all in really quick.  athis tells me he has a strong hand.  However if he is rtakingnhis time look out he is fishing for a card I have folded KK and AA to these people and luckly so.   Even in the poker league as its all about survival  so therre is a constant flow of people foding however evry once in awhile there is someone who raises really quick you know hes \trong.  So I fold.  if he takes his time I find he is fishing and I am catching on to this.  Just watch the timing of the players you are playing and you will go far in any tourny.  I have just started this in the 100k tourny and I seem to get into the money by watvhingthese players.  Its as good as seeing them live.   REMEMBER TIME THEM FAST CALLS GOOD HAND IF THE SAME PLAYER TAKES HIS TIME PLAY YOUR CARDS AS HE IS HOPING FOR THE FLOP RAISE AND HE WILL FOLD NO MATTER HIS HAND!!  Goods luck and try this..   I made the top 36th in the PCA freeroll and lost to abad beat.  It happens but he fished ended up hitting the turn and the river to beat my QQQ I was mad!  To get this far and loose to a bad beat it tends to upset you. I ended up blaming pokerstars  I forgot that OI am a professional!  My stats may not show this but when I want to play I am very hard to knock out!!   You wil see mein a good tourny eventually and remember who I am.  I just cant afford to put alot of money in and you still get your donks so I play in the freerolls and I have to say that it throws me off a litle when I play for money as the players play like they don't care,  But I am learning and eventually you will know who iam  Good luck too all and I hope tht one day I get a ticket for a good tourny!!