Well I haven"t posted a blog in awhile and I thought it was time!  I have to say that if you are not careful how much Money you put in or the type of tournament  (STT,MTT) your are playing in, you can really spend a good handfull of money in a short time.  To me any money is good money.  I put in 160.00 in about a month, and it lasted just shy af 2 months.  I kept thinking I was going to win that big first place and take home 162.00 in one shot but it didn:t happen instead the only real winnings outside of 6.00 once and 1.50 here and 2.00 here was the 100k freerole I found if I really wanted to win a couple of dollars that was the only tourny where I had a good read on people and the cards.   It:s funny though now I am back into playing freeroles, I am surprising myself!   I was never able to quallify in the hubble bubble and now that I have experience in money playing and the school teachings I feel I can walk all over the people playing in the hubble bubble qualifying freerole and so far I have.  I really shouldn"t  jinx myself (knock on wood) but there is a lesson to learn and I feel I am still learning it!  Although I think I am in a bettter class than what I was in just freeroles, it will catch up to me and I will lose what I have learned in school and the experience from money playing as I am no longer really playing the game serious and I am doing just fine, but they are now just freeroles!  So where were did I go wrong in money tourn"ys?  Was it the added presure of a few dollars? was it thinking that I am as good as anyone else (Cocky)?  I think it was the fact that I played too many different types of tourny's and never stuck to one, so I didn"t really have a good read on all my apponnants or how the cards were going to come up for me.  I played less than 30% of all tourny"s hands no matter what!  as that is the stat I follow myself by religiously!  there:s an old saying (WHAT GOE"S AROUND COMES AROUND) and I have seen it more often than not,  a big pot win can calculate to a big pot loss if you are too aggresive too often.   It don"t hurt once in awhile to show aggression but as time goes on io if your stats are in the 40 s hands played I find you have made enemys and your gunned for.  So too sum it all up if you are going to put money in stick with the same type tourny until  you have a good read?  and I hope to see you all in the Home Games as I am taking a break from money games


Yours Truly

1jhelmer Jack Helmer