I totally agree with langlier on Patience!  It's weird I seem to lose  when I get impatient it doesn"t matter what my hand is. I find I play around 30 percent of the hands and I do well,  I keep my stats up so I can keep an eye on them and  not get to lose as when I do its time to sit out!  I will no longer play on-line for money as I have no patience when I play for 3 hours and only win 1 dollar its hard to keep patience for that long and I find I do better when I follow the pokerstars training!  When I play the people in the club I can play my own hands and not feel pressured into making stupid moves.  I feel I would have won the tourny I played in at my first home game but I had to go to work so my wife finished it for me and I just started teaching her how to play today.  she said she got scared cause there was so many chips and I guess she just kept going all in!I laughed cause that was the best tourny I have had since joining pokerstars and she landed me in 4th I am looking forward to playing in the club as much as I can as I feel  that I am ready to compete with the rest of the club I feel I should have won that tourny so I still have something to prove as I feel with all the experience playing my friends and listening to them tell me that I rock, I get mad once in awhile when I lose to a dead hand I check thier stats and find out that they are playing 50 cent tourny when they usually play 11.00 dollar tourny It makes me mad when they knock me out and I blame pokerstars. I know its not rigged I just have to accept the fact that they can play any tourny they want and I have to play a little more cautious (perhaps 20 percent of my hands) instead of 30 and adjust I am looking forward to your next training session as I learn a little bit more when I attend!  Please understand I don"t always follow the training as I have been playing my friends and their friends for awhile and I tend to do things different from time to time but I do find that the more I play the better I get with combined knowledge as you will probably hear about in the league as it goes on I will be talked about for different ways of gettting chips as you know if everyone played the same way everyone would be on TV playing poker for the big bucks and there wouldn"t be a winner no bluffing nothing.  that would be even more boring.  So I like to keep people on their toes and play different once in awhile just to keep people guessing.  I am sorry for letting her play my last few hands as I just found out it is not  allowed luckily she lost every hand she played anyways.  I am sorry to pokerstars for breaking thier rules as I didn"t know