This videos great because Joe explains all about Pot Limit Omaha from the basic hands to the more difficult situations that you encounter whilst playing Pot Limit Omaha.. In pot limit omaha (which I play quite often) I prefer NOT to inflate the pots whilst either a: Betting whilst on a draw. Keep it low because if you bet big and you get raised then the flop is inflated and you might get reraised and then your basically put in your whole tournament on a draw.. However playing cash is different as you can always reload.


I suppose its all about how aggressive your opponents are and as Joe says some people like to create action as the table as to be the table bully. By being the table bully he is basically telling people that he is the guy who is dictating the play.. By outplaying this person you are taking away his ability to be the bully and other people at the table will begin to be more cautious when you are playing in the hand.

I really like Joes video because its pot limit omaha for dummies. He explains a lot about position and how to use it to your advantage.

This is the best video i've seen so far and highly recommend the pokerschool online peoples watch it..

Chow for now .