Okay Posse,

We have had an explosion of members at the Home Game and Thurs saw the start of the monthly leaderboard. Congrats to Edinfreeman, hamburglarid and monkeyskunk4 who each won a game yesterday.
Monkeyskunk4 leads the way on the month long leaderboard with 7.13 points in 3 games and is on pace to claim the $11 ticket at month end provided by PSO! 2nd thru 10th also win a buy in for a future Corral game and they are
2nd - hamburglarid
3rd  - Edinfreeman
4th - Dr. Kauffer
5th - beerdoh
6th - outcast13
7th - kjernekar
8th - grade b
9th - spike8998
10th - walshie3434

Don't forget the games continue on Sunday with 4 more games scheduled throughout the day at times for everyone.

Gidee Up!