Okay Posse,

I played 8 games today and shipped in 4 of them 3 x wins and a 2nd. This first set of games were $1.10 mtt which saw KK , QQ and AQs get hammered in 7 minutes to finish well poorly.
Then came 6 single table sng's in which i won 2 and a 2nd for a nice profit. But the highlight came about 5 hrs later when i shipped a $4.50 180 man. I have to give huge credit to my mentor Siberianex for his many hrs of coaching. In addition xflix and the langolier and what they have done to help my play is without a doubt huge!

This is simply one day in the rest of my life of playing but has been very rewarding. I once read that poker is just one long game and in truth I understand that because my accomplishments of today mean nothing just as me losing a game means nothing. I will continue to eliminate the leaks from my game and have many more of these days.

I will be spending the next 2 Thurs eve sessions replaying this game as it is 4 hrs and i will break down into 2 x 1 1/2 hr sessions.

Gidee Up!