Okay Posse,

Today I had a good day even though it started poorly with my live training finishing 7th on boht my 27 mans. But I said damn the torpedos and fired up 7 x $3.50 9 mans a took 3 wins and a second. Then played 4 more and went 2 x 2nd and a third and just now ran 8 more and took 3 x 1st and 3 x 3rd for 423 leaderboard points on the low orbit of the battle of the planets and currently stand 15th. I'm sure I can keep playing strong and get a good high orbit score too but time will tell.

So progress is to date 625 games done of 9 and 27 man at the $3.50 buy in and I am at $191.13 profit.

Gidee Up!