Okay Posse,

I have now developed what I think will be a great challenge for myself and anyone else that wants to build a bankroll and move up in stakes.
As many of you know I have been doing my 1000 game grind of single table sng's and I am currently through 600 games with $133.06 profit. So now I am going to define it further.

Step 1

Take 25 buy ins at your beginning level and play until you have doubled your bankroll ( thus giving you 25 buyins at the next level ) or until you have played 1000 games at that level.

Step 2

Move to next level if you have 25 buy ins or keep playing at the same level until you meet that goal. If you lose half of your bankroll at the new level you must drop down to the previous level until you have doubled it again.

Step 3

Reward yourself if you have tripled your bankroll at any point, take some money ( this will be different for everyone ) and buy yourself with somehthing. You have to enjoy the fruits of your labour. For some it might be a dinner out or others it might be a buy in to a bigger mtt or a case of beer etc..........

Let me give you an example

25 x $.25 45 mans = $6.25

at game 195 we reach $12.50 so we decided to move up to $.50 45 mans

25 x $50 45 mans = $12.50

at game 365 we hit $25 and so we can move up to the $1 games however we decide to play the $1.50 x 18 mans instead so we need $$37.50

we hit $37.50 at game 612 and move up.

25 x $1.50 = $37.50

we start playing 18 mans but at game 367 we are back down to $25 and we have to move a back down to the $.50 games.

Try this and see how you do.

Gidee Up!