As you know I will not be running games under the Home Game until I can accept all as members. Those that are members can play a ring game so as to qualify me for the weekly freeroll but that is it.
I was told by beta support that they dont want to increase it higher than 100 as they don't want to crash the beta test system and to check back next week.

Tonight's bounties are as follows. I reserve the right to bounty anyone I please! LOL!

$1 - Ace King 61
$1 - afrosamurai2
$1 - aquadad
$1 - cairn destop
$1 - crosssman
$1 - Da Sens Fan
$1 - Dubling Up
$1 - hidnlovers
$1 - KG1993
$1 - tom905
$1 - tracey with alot of #'s
$1 - trumpin joe
$1 - voodoo96

In addition if any Pokerstars Pro plays there is an auto $2 bounty on them.
If spudder takes you out when he is holding 47s he will pay you $1
If Siberianex plays and you put him out when he is holding KK it is a $5 bounty

Gidee Up!