Saturday we played our 2nd month end game which saw 18 runners. I placed 5 bounties for $1 each and a $2 bounty on mcrissinger cause he entered late and screwed up my payouts! LOL! We had a good time and 19honu62 (me) was the eventual winner outlasting Afrosamurai and billholdupman. I asked each player to send me $2 so that I could pay out the top 4 places over and above the PS payouts!
We played the 2nd Bad Beat Jackpot game Sunday Dec 12 at 3 pm est and saw 35 runners play for an additional $100 that of course is built up by contributions from any Posse member. Aquadad took it down with Trisail giving him a good HU match. They were paid as follows.

    BBJ $100
aquadad        $30.00
trisail        $20.00
ringos        $12.00
pokerlvr    $10.00
brkn80        $8.00
attaron        $6.50
lightbulb    $5.50
vickzbar    $4.50
ace king    $2.50

The month is about half done and the new BBJ is already up to $36 and there are many games left for the Posse to play the minimum number of games to qualify to play the Dec Month End game! 15 games played out of 40 is all thats needed.

Gidee Up!