Dear Posse,

I am writing to you today to let you know I am creating a Cowboy's Corral blog whereby you can check results of Corral tournies and leaderboard stats and BBJgrowth and other Corral related news.
Let me take you to the beginning though. How did the name come about? Well many of you know I am not a Cowboy ( but I do wear assless chaps and a mesh T-shirt when I play online ) but my favorite hand is KK ( Cowboy's ) my fav football team is the Dallas Cowboy's and when I was in Hawaii on the Big Island in 2007 we stayed at a place called Paniolos Greens where I found out that Paniolos are Hawaiian Cowboy's. On top of all that, my fav saying by Kramer off of Seinfeld is when he says " Gidee Up ". Thus the Cowboy's Corral seemed to be a natural name!
In late Aug 2010 I was reading post after post in the PSO forum about how the PSO "skill" league was frustrating because of all the shove monkeys in the freerolls. In addition the leaderboard seemed to be unpopular to many truly skilled players and I felt and feel that it rewards volume and not good solid poker fundamentals. After talking with a few of my online poker friends I decided to offer a few low buy-in games of NLHE. ii Cote ll had started one on Sunday evenings at 9 pm est but they were $5 buy ins and I found this was outside many peoples bankroll. HoboJim started some games about the same time but ran them very late at night on Saturdays and still runs them btw!
So Sept 1 at 8 pm est the Cowboy's Corral was born! Our first game featured 16 runners and was won by none other than our current #2 on the PSO "skill" league Dec leaderboard Spudder47 ( who btw is my baby brother - hence the name Spudda da Brudda ). I ran 28 more games in Sept which featured 15 - 64 runners.
Since then I have run at least 1 game per day with 2 on Sat and 3 on Sundays. We have added a Bad Beat Jackpot, a weekly bounty game, a month end leaderboard tourney, a special BBJ $100 added game and a live radio broadcast that features JDean as the host and several co hosts including semi pro players Sailor Moe and The Langolier. Ol Mud has also provided colour and I am the current co-host. JDean has given many monickers such as fish eggs( Roweye ) the poker rose (Chrissy612 ) the Manchester Mauler ( Bill Curran ) The Alabama Slammer ( vickzbar44 ) tracy with alot of numbers ( Tracy 1234157 ) just to mention a few. And of course we all know that Jimmy Dean eats sausage.
By far our most successful game is the Tuesday night bounty game which is broadcast live! We have had 4 Pokerstars sponsored pros play including Nanonoko, Roxy24, Marene and K-Man2307. Nanonoko and K_man even did live interviews with us. This game is run Tuesday evenings and has had 110 runners a few weeks back. Anyone that sits down is a potential bounty and anyone can put a bounty on anyone else as long as the funds are shipped to me 24 hrs prior to the game!

Well I think this is good for my first blog so until next time.

Gidee Up!