I am back from a long sabbatical and thanks to all those who life comments on my previous posts. It is great to hear back from you all.
I was very happy to see FTP come back to live with my account still active and started to play again on my quest to pull a “Ferguson”. I have started playing now at our local Casino $30 buy in tournament and played it 4 times where I placed in the final table winning it 2 times, and placing 2nd and 4th the other 2 times. Not a bad start. Although any tournament is a learning opportunity. I played a “Re-buy” tournament and screwed up when I re-buyed and although I made it to the final table I got blinded out before I made it to the money. My lesson... know when to re-buy, and how often. I thought I could make it. Didn't catch any flops and didn't have a deep enough stack to bluff and got blinded out. At the end of the month I was about $700 richer and had a lot of respect at the table. I created a image of a pro-level player.

If your a beginner like me and want to play at a local Casino tournament I suggest first finding local poker league that plays for points and learn to read the players, and find peoples tells. Get a book on body language. Get to know a real “tell” from a false one. It is a way slower game and lots of donks, but a great way to learn playing “Offline” and lots of fun. When  your ready play a few low buy-in tournaments and start building your bank roll, and remember to manage your bank roll. Oh and stay away from slots or other “card” games at the Casino... you worked hard for you money, no sense in giving it away

In Lak 'esh