I'm a Donk, Your a Donk, Their a Donk, and everyone is a Donk ... Isn't it WONDERFUL !!


I should say I act like a Donk, you act like a Donk as we are not Donks, and just energy (spirit ) experiencing the game of poker. I have by accidentally pressing the wrong button and more often out of my emotional driving ego got into a hand that I should of never been there and caught a wheel or suck out a flush on the river and I had it done to me many times as well.


Another painful experience is being stuck at a table with the tournament leader who plays ever hand as he has over $150,000 and the blinds are 50 100. He seems to catch ever card he needs whether he got 7 deuce or K9 in any position. Sadly there is not much you can do when the odds favour this player.


The best strategy is tight aggressive against an Opponent like this, and be patient. When you are in position as small or big blind you will have an opportunity call and get in a hand. You have to wait for a flop that give you the nuts and slow play the hand and let him try and bully you out. The more you can get to call this flop and the more you get to come all in, the better chance of taking out enough players that the table is broken down. Once you get to a table where you don't have an Elephant sitting at the table you can resume a more loose strategy and build your pot up, lots of small pots add up. Don't try to go for the big win every time you have a great hand. It is the small hands you get in against big hands and hit the nuts on the flop often will bring you the greatest wins. Of course everyone will think your a Donk. But hey Doyle won the world series 2 times in a row with 10 deuce

Happy Donking,


In Lak 'esh,