This blog is not meant for a beginner , although you only learn and advance your playing by moving out of your comfort zone. I only learned by playing better opponents and harder games. The odds can make any armature a winner. Look at Chris Moneymaker for example. But you don't see much of him in the finals anymore and there are those like Danial who consistently finish at the final table or better.


What separates them from the chaff I believe is their ability to go beyond just the game and their role as a poker player to something deep and spiritual that they can connect to. They know that they have to manifest the position they want to be at in the game. Simple they visualize being at the final table. They think like they are there and winning. To visualize you must be able to see your self there. That you view things from the end. The universe will hear your vibration you putting out and it will unfold events to bring about the outcome you have visualized. It may not be 1st place but it will be in the money and that is what we all would enjoy from our labour.


If you are doing this already and not getting results it may be that you have been focusing on the money to much or low chip stack and fear sets in and weakens your connection to the Universal energy and then the universe sees oh I this doesn't work, I can't win, or you give up tilt. What you think about is reflected out into the universe and is played out. It can also change from moment to moment depending on your emotional and cognitive state. Also the Universe doesn't understand No. If you focus on what you don't want, you will get more of that. If you focus on what you want, you will get more of that.


One needs to let go of the judgement, this is good or that is bad. It is all good, and energy flows in one direction. The Laws of the Universe are the same here or there, only your prejudges perception makes one thing bad or good. Yes winning is nice, and loosing is tough to face. But how you view the world is up to you. I see good in every tournament I play and loose. I learn more from my tough opponents and my game improves every time I don't win. If you never stop trying , you have never really lost. Only those who give up in life or the game have lost.


In Lak 'esh,