Zen & The Art of Texas Hold 'em I been playing poker for over 30 years, I got serious about Texas Hold 'em about 6 years ago. I have read many of the books you have and watched the masters on TV and being a fellow Canadian was a big fan of Daniel. I play in a local poker league and have been in finalist in the Regional a couple of times. I don't have a bank roll like Daniel but do have the love of the game and the skills.

I played the free rolls and have won several tournaments on FTP before they got shut down. I was trying to pull a "Ferguson" and had played only free rolls and was building up my Roll and then they got shut down. I was trying to do the same on here to show how anyone can will $10,000 just by playing free rolls and using good Bank Roll management and playing good game.

While playing I developed all the strategies a good poker player can. Nothing can prepare you for the hoards of donks in free rolls though. I found that aggressive donks who "luck out" can ware out even the most skilled and patient player. When your playing 10,000 players you have to expect it.

One of my strategies is to train and meditate to let go of my ego or emotions that way they don't get the better of me no matter what stupid or crazy bets are made or bad beats. The key is Awareness. Not of the game, but of yourself. To see that you are not a “Poker Player” but you are playing poker. Sound simple but most people can't see this basic concept. Once drop your “Role” of being a poker player and awake to the fact that you are experiencing the playing of poker.. but you are not a poker player. Who you are is an age old question and if you want to explore that I suggest searching YouTube for Anthony Demello and watch his videos.

Once we drop the facade of the roles we play we can then awaken to our inner self, “spirit”, “energy”, what ever you want to call it. It is only then can we start to really connect to the silent observer who is the real you. From this new state of self awareness you can really start to observer your game and awaken and play poker better. You will be able to observe and see all your strategies strengths and weaknesses and fine tune your game to a new level.

In my daily Blog I will try to include my own observations of my own play and share what I have learned in my games. I look forward to hearing back from you and please drop a comment whether you agree or disagree. I am open to any information and experience that might improve my awareness and playing.

In Lak 'esh,