This is how my yourney starts !!!





My first opinion of poker is that is a game of pure luck . And it is just a gamble game like other. Then one day poker made BOOM  in the online and real world. From time to time i watched some tournaments WPT,EPT on the TV and after watching couple of tournaments i discovered one strange thing. How can that one player manage to make to the Final table 3 times in a row in 3 mega tournaments! - There it clics to me that poker isnt yust a game of luck because that gay cant be that lucky! Then i dicovered online poker site "Pokerstars" there iv found some videos of team online poklerstars videos I v watched them ,Randy Lew,DeWarsaw,Frost ,Talonchick they v been like me and  hundreds and hundreds of people and they maked they dream in to a reality.Then i watched many many videos of poker strategy ,position plays and far other. I realised that is the time  I v make a small deposit and try it !!! in the first I was good, I made from $10 to a $ 150 in a one day playing cash games and SnG 180 PL . At that time  i didnt know enything about bankroll managment and of course i busted all my bankroll in other day . Then I again deposit $10 and again $10 and $10 again  in the one month I v lost about $600 yust like that. I was furious .From that time I v yust lerning and playing freerolls on Stars and Full Tilt. Now I m much better player earning every day,watching videos, what is most important I v learned about proper bankroll managment that I never make same mistakes like I did. My Dream is still alive and i would contiue learning . I have one goal for the beginnig is that I manage to make a + profit in a month . That is my first goal !

 I have never really accomplished anything really big at PokerStars. But one of the things I really like about the site is the tournaments.You can play satelites to make a Entry in some torunaments.I think Pokerstars have the best MTT tournaments in online poker World .

So Far my best moment is when I finished 2nd in $2,50 SnG 180 Players winning $80 for the beginner it was something. I think this kind of SnG is best for me but I need a solid bankroll for playing it.

The best thing that happened to my game since then has been that I found out about PSO: Poker School Online. I m competing i PSO freeroll tournaments for ranking,watching videos,treanings and I v learned so many things that i didnt evan have a clue.I from BiH Balkan area in Europe and I love when in final table i see a Balkan poker players from Croatia,Serbia,Macedonia,Slovenia,Albania.In the latest time so many poker players joined pokerstars and yo ucan find them most on SnG