So I've played a few of the Open League games and I have to say that these games are sooooo easy to play against, yes they might get lucky and hit their one outer but you can just use position and go at the right time and you can easly get into the top 400, so far I need 2 more to do so, so that I can get into The Big Bang, the fact that you don't have to risk a dime is fantastic, and the amount of money that you can get is insane for not putting any ££ in. 


This month I will be trying my best to get into the top 200 so that I can get into the Premier league, so I am going to have to play my best and have a lot of luck, I've only got a few weeks to do it in, so I'll be grinding them out everyday, The reason why I can do that is I am not working so I can do that, which might give me a edge over some people I'll post some more posts later on this week to let everyone know how I am doing.