This is my first blog and I am going to share you variance of ups and downs of my poker. I'll be posting up photo's of me playing in local monthly leagues were I am from to make it a little more pretty. 



So my name is Lewis I'm 22 and from North of Scotland, since starting poker I have not had the best career from it, my bankroll going bust so many times almost wining tournaments to sinking near the final table or from the min cash outs doing stupid things like taking other peoples money to play poker with, although I've apologise I understand how people are feeling against me but the past is the past and only the future can help

Also I have been having a problem with poker affecting my life in the past we while but I am putting a stop to it by also doing other things, I have recently gotten into writing and also gotten into fishing so I'll be doing that and poker just to keep me from playing it everyday  so I don't bust my roll and to keep me level headed.

So after getting my self sorted out with my real life problems I have decided to play again but as I said in moderation I'm not playing all the time only a few days a week I'm hoping that I can get a decent bankroll back up and keep to my games I'm also going to start reading books on how to understand the game properly the mathmatics behind it and also the psychology too. 


Anyway thanks for reading my first blog entry and let's hope that the poker gods help me