Well just finished first full eligible month on the league. Finished 24th and was 566th in Dec when I played only half the month and got qualified for Jan. The League is a whole lot better than the free for all on the site. We still have a few of the same problems as to rude people in chat, wish Poker Stars would take it more serious and suspend chat for 2 weeks for first infraction, month for the 2nd and a year for a 3rd. I know they are here for the money, but one would think they would give the moderators more authority to sanction the very rude few. Overall I think it is great as most players will help new individuals like me when we ask dumb questions. I found the site when playing a ring game and one of the PSO members suggested it, have now learned more in a month and a half than would have in the next year. 

If you have not taken any of the free classes you are really missing out, Dave is awsome. Even if you miss being a participant, sign in as an observer, what you learn for free is great for new players such as me. When you watch Dave in the shadow sessions you can see all your leaks. I know there are lots of styles, but he gives you a great place to start.

My goal this month, top ten finnish, I wish everyone the best and lets be polite, we all hate the bad beat, but as I have learned, a chip, a chair, any two cards and you have the start to get there. If it were not for the luck factor I would think it to be a boring game. Poker to me, 80 plus % luck, 10-15% skill, 100% enjoyment. The more we learn the more we earn, or just play for fun.