I've been a low stakes player for near on a year now (making very small profit). With this profit i have been trying to invest in some Multi Table Tournaments. However, i cannot conquer the middle stages of an MTT for the life of me!! I have had next to no deep runs in pokerstars MTT's and it feels like i always suck out, of course i know this isn't the case as it doesn't account for why it always happens.. I'm clearly doing something wrong. I need tuition to improve my game and allow me to feel more comfotable in the higher stakes,

I watch poker, read up on new plays, and magazines all day everyday, i find myself thinking about hands all the time! I dream of playing in larger tournaments like the UKIPT or SCOOP but just never feel comfortable to enter into any of them. I feel like i've done all i can to teach myself and would love to win a live training session with a pokerstars pro!

James '07jotters' Otterson