Well it has been 9 days since my last update and boy is hold'em fun. I have been up and down on the pso and currently sit in the top 200, but I have been playing a lot on the sitn go table andhavehad days when I can light the table up and days when I can't buy a hand.My patience is becoming less of aproblem as I can sit for stretches without blowing up. Now Ifight the problem of pulling the trigger. I have folded many hands that would have been overwhelming winners because playing them would mean putting a large chunk of my stack in jeopardy for an average hand. Live and learn I guess.
     I have alos been playing some smaller stakes tournaments and quite a few 90 player tourneys. I have really good days and some really average days depending on the cards that I get. I am currently sitting at the $25 dollar area on my bankroll from the $2.00 that I received from a transfer early this month. I will keep improving my game and try to build the bankroll to $50 by the end of the month. I will keep everyone posted of my trials and tribulations. Happy Hold'em everyone!!