I am new to poker and as far as I can tell, in South Africa, poker is not that big. I have played a few small games with buddies but thats about it. 

I joined poker school to improve my game and learn. Honestly, I have learned a lot. 

Like any aspiring poker player I dream of playing the big tournies and of course, winning big.

In truth, I am sure like many players on the PSO, I don't have the resources or means to deposit cash and play big games yet.

But, like any poker school player, I will keep on entering the open league games and of course, hope to build a bankroll.

Is this possible? I really don't know but am enjoying the challenge of trying to build a dream from scratch.

Well, life is full of disappointments and challenges but there are rewards for those who are persistent.

So, some times a long shot pays off.

Cheers to those who dream big and maybe, just maybe, will win big!