Nothing to do with poker stars really but worth a mention. Af ter 4 months in this new town, I've finally found out where al the poker games are, and the cash games.... yeah....

Had my first go at pub poker last night all I can say its really different..... $5 buy in's unlimited rebuy's firt the first two hours($5 for 4000 chips) and two add on periods 1st and second break ($10 for 10k chips)

1st thing to throw mw off was 1st round betting out of posistion, utg RR big blind by x 240, I'm like wtf? after I question what was happening I was told this is how you play Texas Holdem.... I strongly disagreed, but got shot down.... It how they play PUB Texas Holdem...

I called followed by her, Cbet all in on flop, I follow again and she busts... good

I have a tell on her now, extremly loose agressive player, the talk was she was really good, you never can gauge her range........playing this style? I think not..... I busted her out a few times last night.

Being new to the club I did play a few cards I wouldn't normally play and followed bets through to the showdow. mucking my good cards alot and showing my bad ones to look like a complete noob... figure this will pay off in the long run, I'll do this for a couple more weeks before I tighten up a little...

After second break I tightened right up.

Last table was interesting, playing agressively  to tryand stack up as I was close to Small stack, I took out the 1st player stack around 35k, another dropped, big stack took 3 in one hand and second stack took the fourth.

After being blind bullied for about 3-4 rounds I double up to 57k on the rockets (AA) pre flop all in. But I was too far behind the two front stacks to stack up again and they Ck,C min betted, so they were just waiting to knock me blind bullied again till blinds got up to 10-20k, had a stack of 37k so had to do it, all in on A-9 Off suit on BB against Q-3 to get  killed on the river by 3c lol...... had a fun night placed 3rd, not bad for the first week of the new season....

re cap $5 entry fee, $10 add on on second break = $15

1st paid $160

2nd paid $100

3 paid $65 bar tab

I don't drink so sold it to the organiser for for $50 so I made $35.

(Next cash game is this sunday $35 buy in at the race course but real holdem not this one one...)

Good luck at the tables,

72-Y0U L053