I have learned a lot about this game and have respect for the ones who play. Last night was a new lesson for me when it comes to this game. I did fairly well in the tourney and gathered a lot of information from the players later in the game.

It is hard to play against the ones which make it to the top 100 of a tourney. These players are not an easy read by any means. I can pick up on some of it and know when to fold, but sometimes I read them and I lose. Hehe.  It happens. I would have made it further in the tourney except for one play which ended me.

I had J7 spade suited. 9 10 10 on flop. Three players in the hand. 4000 bet, raised to 8000 by other player. I was tired and must not have been thinking or was too tired to care. I went all in. I only had 9000 chips left in 4000 blinds. There was 1 spade on the board and a chance to hit an eight. I had a feeling the one that raised had a 10 and at showdown I was shown my feeling was true. I was fishing for a hand which would beat the trip tens. Maybe not the best choice to make final. Considering I lost. Of course if I won I would be telling the story different. LOL

Anyways. I made the choice. I learned much from the players I was up against. I have the knowledge to make final and believed I could make it. Then I got tired and wanted to sleep. It was 12am. Sleep or win. Next time I am choosing win, because I will make sure I have enough sleep before I play.

Take care all. Peace!