Having no money to deposit makes playing cash tables harder. LOL. However, the kindness of some brings the oppurtunity to play some .25 cent sng's. I take what I have learned at this school to those tables. Yet I walk away with an empty pocket.

Went and played a .25 sng with 45 players. My AA got busted by 89 suited. Half my stack flys away. Then I get great hands and from decent position. Just to watch them get smacked down by, well...... PSO members, you all know the hands. lol.

When I first started I was able to win at those tourney's. I used to take more chances then I do now. In these small stake tables it is hard to play a hand when someone goes all in and you are sitting on a decent hand like JJ. That's right, I folded a JJ from BB to a 670 all in during 30 blinds. Before I would have called that hand in a second. And probably lost half my stack to an A3 or something like that.

Oh well. I guess poker has something else planned out for me. I am going to go back and look at the tourney's I have done well in and see if I can work a plan for these small stake tables. I used to do well at them. Taken 1st more then once. Now the closest I can get is 8th and 7th is ITM. RRRRRRR! How frustrating.

Of course I should have stuck with my rule. "Do not play many hands during first 5 rounds. No matter how good they are." I did not have enough information to know how the others played. My mistake. lol

Thank you to the ones which gave me the kindness. You know who you are. Take care all and Good Luck at the tables. Peace and lets play some poker. HEHE! One more thing, an after thought.

I had another one of those games where hands were, well... not hands worth playing. I tried to play the hands I could, but placed under 400 in the PSO toruney where hands were not coming. I did not see AK, AQ, AJ, A 10, or suited connecters. The best A hand I had was an A9. The best hand I had out of 70 hands was 99 and it was smacked by KK. LOL. This is the second time I have sat a table and not seen those hands while at the table. Talk about some dead cards. I don't think my cards while at the table that day knew life? They were more then dead, they did not exist. LOL!

I had fun though. A challenge it was. How to make finale with hands I normally would never touch. I survived the tourney that long because I played some loose hands from some offbeat positions. I did learn that tight hands do not always come and sometimes I must adapt to what does come while at the table.  Of course I didn't make finale. I will soon, but yesterday was not that day.