The two games I have played as of yesterday have given me hope for this month. Last month I had many ups and downs while trying to move up on the leaderboard. Still had a decent finish on the board, but this month I shoot for the stars.

I have learned much from this site. Not just from the teachers of poker, but the players as well. I have been given some great advice from players which has helped me to understand this game. I thank all of you for your help. I know that if I ever take first on the leaderboard I will be sending a thank you to all players in PSO. Considering that without you I would have never learned to play, or have anyone to play against. lol

It is time to put what I have been taught to work. I still have more to learn, but that can be done while fighting for the top against players which can teach me much. Everyday I learn something new to this game. I have really learned how too lose and still come back with a positive attitude.

Losing is not easy to face when trying so hard to play better. The defeats can break the hope of ever making it to the top. I just remeber one thing if I ever feel hope slipping. "To achieve a goal. One must first believe it can be done. Then learn and use the knowledge with belief to create what one has set their mind too. Thus making a dream come true."

Well Good Luck to all. I hope to see you at the tables. Peace!