I have been is some deep thought lately. It has effected my ability to play cards. Now I am done thinking about what has troubled me for so long. I tell this to the players of PSO because I find many of you to be people I would love to meet in person. Many of you have shared beliefs and techniques at the table which have helped me to find my way at the  tables. Thank you.

I have been trying to find a truth in this world. This is only a belief, but I find happiness with it and would like to share. I believe all religions around the word tell truth. I believe the world of science tells truth. I believe when they are used as one and not judged they reveal a truth about mankind.

I am currently putting my belief into action the best way I know how. Sharing an idea which says that all beliefs and knowledge when used as one would show mankind we were created and we have evolved thus using science to confirm spiritual belief. I do this because of my two children.

I want what all Fathers want when it comes to their children. To prepare them to live life once they leave the comforts of home. I also wanted to protect them no matter what. This is why I have come up with my belief about mankind. My love for my children gives me the strength to try all I can to help create a belief that peace can be in our world and our lives.

Belief and knowledge are both required to see that both tell truth and share a truth about the history of mankind. Two truths which when used as one equal the whole story behind how mankind came to be. This belief would support God, Gods,Science, and knowledge. My hopes is that when the world can see with their eyes proof of both then peace would come.

I have finished the spiritual part of this goal. I have found a place which I call Origin. This place is what guided me down the path which has opened my eyes to why the truth sits in plain sight, but has remained hidden for so long. Judgment placed that Knowledge is Good or Evil and that belief is only a belief. Belief is what science uses to create with their knowledge. Belief is what religions use to find peace and happiness. When judged to be separate and different then the dark blinds one from truth.

My goal is to bring peace to this world using no judgment. I cannot force the will of any, for I do not wish my will to be forced. So I have found a way to use science to prove mankind can be created and that we have evolved into what we are now. In turn this would give visual proof to all in the world. I hope it can be done in my lifetime. We were created by knowledge and belief. We use knowledge and belief to find out why mankind exists. So I use it to prove both tell truth.

I wish to not go into any more detail. This belief is one which I find happiness. But, I would like to ask all a question. You may answer if you choose. " Do you believe peace can be real if all in the world finally saw a truth using science and religion to show they both hold truth and the answer which has no judgment to how mankind came to be?"

Good luck at the tables. I had to share this for I believe one day peace can and will be real in our world. Take care Brothers and Sisters around the world.