For the first time this month I broke into the top 100 of a PSO touney.(I just looked at my finishes for this month. I have had three finishes in the 100 zone. Thought I only had one.) Last month I was more succesful in breaking the 100 mark. Do not know what I am doing different then last month. I only know I downed a six pack last night and played some cards.

It has been a rough month. I have a lot on my mind. Spring is coming and this is the time of year that I work all day. Sun up to sun down is a routine thing when it comes to taking care of 50 acres of land. I will not be playing any early tournaments after april 1st. I will be at the table around 8pm or 10pm to cause some trouble. LOL!

Yesterday I played an AA and was called by a Q9 suited after placing my chips all in. Do I need to tell you what happened? For those that cannot figure out what happened, I lost. HEHE! I knew better then to re raise those A's with an all in, but greed and power made me believe they would hold up. Ooops! Did have a JJ hold up yesterday from 3 position. Took a 40,000 pot during 2,000 blinds. Didn't get too many hands worth playing after that.

One thing I have learned from playing in PSO is; How to lose and still walk away smiling. Good luck to all of you and Peace! Next month I am going to fight for first on the leaderboard. A fight which will be hard with all the players who know and understand this game better then I. BYE BYE for now.