Do not know exactly why I have been making the choices I have when playing this week. I do know my choices sent me to the rail more often. I also know I have been getting some cards which have seen better days.

I just recently played a PSO tourney where I sat for 42 hands and not one time did I see an Ace. I never even saw a K with a 10 or higher with it. Saw a bunch of 69 hands. LOL! The whole time I was in the tourney, which wasn't long, I saw one A7 off suit  hand and that was it. Needless to say, but "That is one of the worst experiences I have had since playing this game.."

To lose when playing strong hands is part of the game. I never mind losing when playing the hands I choose. I made the choice to play and the other hand was better. All part of the game. However, losing a game because you get no hands worth playing at all. Well.... I hope it never happens again. 42 hands of off suited low cards.

Anyways, I do not know what I learned from that experience. The only thing I believe, "Somedays there are reasons the cards do not fall in ones favor. " Peace!