I am not sure why I keep getting into the top 25% in the PSO skill tourneys and then lose my chips. I have noticed this happens all the time. I get into the 200 players or so range and then lose my chips. I have also noticed it is my fault this happens. I get a good hand, bet it, then follow through on the flop. Even if I don't hit.

I must fix this. I do not like getting that far and then losing my stack because of a dumb move. I seem to do it all the time. Not sure what to do to make this pattern change, but I am going to try everything I can to not lose my stack that late in the tourney.

My goal this month is to make top 100 finishes in tourneys as much as I can. Final table is always my goal. I just have to fine tune my playing later in the game. I keep forgetting that the players I face that late in the game are good. They have great ability to read me when I bet. I have to learn to change up my style after getting that far in a tourney.

Well good luck to all this month. Hope to see you at the tables. Peace!