This one is just because I am bored this morning. I really have no specific topic I wish to write about today. The last day or so has been kind of weird while at the tables. I have a feeling the weirdness is gone now. LOL!

Since becoming part of the PSO I have gained experience which I believe has helped me to achieve the rank I have now. With a little fine tuning I believe I will see final table more. Of course, this is a goal. I wish to see final more then the two times I have made it. Not every game, but at least 1 out of 5.

Thanks to the players and instructers of PSO I have learned respect for this game. When I first started I was just a loose cannon at the tables. Now I am more accurate when firing. I learned how to aim and when to attack with my cannon(Cards).

I hope all new members of the PSO learn respect for this game like I have. I learned when all the skilled players would attack me. LOL! Playing the way I used to at first did get me some wins, but more often then not, I lost.

Okay I'm done. Don't even know why I wrote any of this. Just bored I guess and wished to share the respect I have for this game, players, and teachers. Good luck all and have fun. Peace!