There were 500 or so players left in the 10am tourney this morning. I had 105 and the blinds were 150. Two thirds of a chip and a chair. Just finished playing the tourney and it is 1:30pm.

Through some luck and careful hand selection I was able to build my stack back up. I actually made it to the top 20 finishers. I believe it was 17th place, but not sure.

The reason for this blog is to show all who have a feeling they should just go all in on the next hand because their stack took a hard hit. Take your time and pick a hand which has a chance. All cards can win, but higher cards do better. Of course a little luck never hurts.

Never give up in a game until you have no more chips. No more chips means you never gave up. Playing any two cards after a tough hit is giving up. Taking the time and waiting for a hand can bring chips and help to build them.

I have seen so many on the tables take a hit in their stacks and just give up. Never give up and I mean never. Yesterday I had a chip and a chair with many left to play and placed in 170th. Today I found myself in the same situation and placed 17th or so. May have been 16th. Didn't catch what place. Just know there were 15 left after I went out and 18 before the hand. Either way I never gave up.

Just thought I would share this in the hopes it will show all at the tables one thing. Never ever ever give up. once you give up the game is over. Keep trying no matter what your stack is. If you lose with a good hand, at least it is better then giving up and playing a weak hand.

Good luck all and have fun! Peace!