Yesterday with about 500 or so left in the tourney I made a call which ate my stack. I had 195 chips left after making the call. The player had a good hand, as did I. Just one of those hands which are hard to read. The board had no play on our hjands. AA in theirs and 99 in mine. AA did not raise preflop. This of course made the read hard. When I saw the 88 on the board I took a chance and bet. Being faced with a reraise I thought about my next move. I made my choice. Now I have 195.

With 195 chips left I figured I would play the next decent hand. I had a J9 clubs from early position. Blinds were 200, so I called. I won. Two hands later I had AQ and split the pot with another player. The very next hand from SB I held QQ. Of course I pushed with this hand. I won.

I placed 170th in that tourney. The cards came just at the right time for me to build my stack back up.

The 3pm tourney gave me a pair of Q's while in BB. There were six players in this hand when it reached me. So I raised 5 x the blinds and four of them folded. Recieved more callers then expected.  78 was on the board. I bet the pot. To my surprise I was reraised. I have no idea why I didn't fold. Normally if reraised with cards like that on the flop I fold. I reraised with the thought the player was trying to push me out and take the pot. I made a very big mistake. The player held 78 and boom I hit the rail doing 210mph. Still in recovery over that one.

This early rail hit was due to my own breaking of a rule. DO NOT PLAY FIRST THREE ROUNDS. I must live by this rule. Oh yeah the other rule. Never reraise QQ from BB. In fact never rerasie the hand at all. QQ is a hand of deception. Looks great when fully dressed. Looks like the wicked witch after being undressed.

Good luck all. Peace!