I recently made a statement, "When you have the nutz then you should attack for all of it." When I made this statement I forgot to give the strategy behind it.

When facing a player who is still in the hand and I am holding the best hand possible. I tend to pick my strategy of attack depending on the player. If I have been at the table long enough to know the players hand selection and betting nature, I use that info to deciede how I play a top hand to get all their chips.

The setup begins at the flop. Yesterday while playing JJ from SB. No one rasied me and I was only  facing two other players. I hit  the fullhouse on the flop. 9J9 was on the board. I am sitting there holding the top hand on flop. (Except for a four of a kind with 9's) I allowed the first move to be by them. No bets made on flop.

Turn came and I deceided to lay out a bet. I recieved a call. Now I am heads up with a player who has called my bet. This is where the setup begins. I had to get a player  to call before I could continue with the strategy behind getting their chips. I checked. They bet. I callled. Was going to reraise, but I had a feeling the player believed they had top hand.

The river came. I still had the strongest hand on board. And if the player was holding pocket 9's, well then I would have been trapping myself. Thank goodness they weren't in play. On the river the player bet very strong. This is where I made the decision to force all chips in. The player folded after some thinking.

I saw an oppurtunity to make my stack grow real big or at least take the pot and not allow my cards to be seen. I do not like to give out my good hands for cheap. It is why I attack on the river when holding that type of hand. However, I also will play those hands like I am scared of the board. It just  depends on who I am facing when holding a hand like that.

I never play my cards based on what I see. The cards do not create my bets or the way I bet. The player or players I face are the ones who create the way I play. No two players are the same. Some take the bait and make silly calls which lose all their chips. Others have to be led down the path with a well told story. Then there are the ones who deciede to bluff when they shouldn't.

The advice given in my comments by filmore 59 is great advice and thank you. I just thought I would clarify what I meant by the statement. When choosing the time to play for all the chips. I choose depending on the player I face. And yes, I am still a Wanker. LOL!

A red necked wanker LMAO! That word is so funny. It does not matter who says it. Thank you to the ones who created a word which makes me laugh. Your awsome!